Even if it's not told I see that this video is a parody of old movie series called Alien. The main heroine that is going to be fucked by scary alien is Ellen Ripley. The story is situated somewhere on the space ship and the crew is performing sexperiments on Ellen. She's inside a separate room and the crew lets that horny alien inside. She wants to get outside, but nobody lets her out. Alien comes from behind and puts his huge penis inside her ass. After a while they switch into doggy style position and alien keeps fucking her tight asshole. Then she lies totally on her stomach against the floor and the creature keeps fucking her ass until it cums and screams from ecstasy as it cums inside her ass.

Categories: 3d aliens anal sex big dicks brunettes creampie cumshot doggy style from behind hd monsters parodies uncensored

Author: S&V Productions | www | more videos by this author


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