Breaking the Quiet

This is a really cool made parody for the character from the video game Metal Gear Solid 5. Her name is Quiet and somebody has captured and left her tied in a abandoned house in the desert. The woman who's coming to torture and sexually abuse her will not reveal her face so we don't know who is she. She'll use her fingers to play with her holes. Then she'll find an old baseball and bat to stick it inside Quiet. She came on horse, the next contestant in this crazy video is exactly the horse. She invites him, prepares his huge 20 inch dick and somehow gets it inside Quiet's vagina. After a while unknown girl gets horny and starts to masturbate while looking on them. She even squirts some water out of her pussy. But she won't let horse cum this time.

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Author: Animo Pron | www | more videos by this author


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