Stella, Ona & Jolie - The Devil inside

Stella is really successful women and she has a cocaine addiction. Ona is her drug dealer and Stella comes to visit her regularly. Ona is hot babes with nice tattoos, piercings and huge cock. When Stella approaches her apartment she hears strange sounds coming out of it. Guess what, Ona has a guest Jolie, also shemale character with pretty face and lovely tits. They are having oral sex with something like 69th position. Stella watches for a while and then joins them. She sits in a Jolie's lap and they both have nice sex. Meanwhile Jolie takes care of Ona's huge penis sucking it gently. Later on Stella gets into doggy style position and now Ona fucks her in the ass. At the same moment Jolie strokes her own big dick. At the end they perform double penetration with Ona receiving blowjob while Jolie fucks Stella from behind.

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