Tavern Wench Challenge

This is a 3D porn parody of Legend of Queen Opala series. It all starts with Gabrielle drinking in the tavern as a total redneck. She finishes dozen of beers, gets totally wasted on the table, vomits on it and wakes up after some time. As you may know Gabrielle is a former thief. But this time she's the one who will be robbed. She wakes up in the barn on the wooden table and all the sudden big horse comes by and starts to fuck her. This guy doesn't like regular sex so from the beginning he goes anally. With his big dick he penetrates Gabrielle so hard that the end of the dick is visible through her skin from various positions. They switch positions few times and in the end horse cums so much inside her that sperm flows out even through her mouth. Another nice thing are her piercings in her nipples.

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