Jinx Ecstasy Sex Slave

One more cool 3D porn parody movie from Opiumud, this time about League of Legends. This story is about Jinx (the Loose Cannon) who brings only chaos into everything she touches. It starts with some battle scene where she faces Nidalee (the Bestial Huntress) and wins the fight. After that she walks around and takes a hallucinogenic mushroom. It turns out that this was Teemo's (the most powerful guardians of the Yordle) plan to capture her. He wants to take revenge on her for killing so many of his race. Yordles have a lot things in their mind to do against Jinx and you'll see it all. While they are playing with her she sees it as a sex with tentacle monsters and many more.

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Author: Opiumud | www | more videos by this author


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