Yoshiwara Rose

This is the Collector's Edition first chapter - Procession of Courtesans (花魁道中). Yoshiwara (吉原) is the red light districts (yūkaku 遊廓、遊郭) in Edo, Japan. History says that it all began in 17th century when male and female prostitution was on top. However this story is just a little bit about real history. During 1853–54 the Perry Expedition took place, which was a diplomatic and military expedition to Japan. The main task was to explore and restore trade contacts with Japan. That caused a large number of workers in Edo to build the trade port. Of course, only males where brought to Edo and that caused increase of female rapes. That's why Japanese government decided to open their famous red light district so all foreigners could find the way to release their pressure by having sex with beautiful girls. This movie perfectly illustrates Geishas and lots of Japanese traditions, but at the same time remember that this is just a porn movie and only few things are real and trustful. Enjoy the story and don't forget to support the author if you like what he's doing.

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