The Flintstones

Here you'll see 6 short scenes about the Flintstones. First scene comes with the threesome where Betty Rubble was on her knees, her lips wrapped around Fred Flintstone's cock as she pleasured him. Barney Rubble stood behind her, one hand on her hair and the other around her waist, holding her steady as she moved up and down. Fred's moans of pleasure filled the room as he thrust his hips against Betty's mouth. Next scene contains Wilma Flintstone lying on the bed, her eyes closed in pleasure as Fred's cock filled her mouth. Meanwhile, Barney's dick was thrusting deep into her pussy, sending waves of pleasure through her body. She moaned as the two men pleasured her, each thrust pushing her closer to her peak. In the 3rd scene guys switched positions, and now it was Betty's turn to be pleased. Fred entered her from behind, thrusting deep into her tight ass as Barney licked and sucked on her pussy. Betty gasped and moaned as the two men pleasured her, her pleasure escalating with every thrust. In the 4th scene Fred finally made his way to his wife, Wilma, and he began to penetrate her. As he did, Betty knelt at his feet, her tongue and made a nice rimjob for him. Fred moaned in pleasure as his pleasure built, and soon he was thrusting harder and faster, nearing his peak. Later Fred was so close to his peak, but before he could reach it, he switched positions. Now, he was thrusting into Betty's tight ass, while Barney held onto her hips and put his feet on her head. Betty moaned in pleasure as Fred pounded her from behind, her tight hole gripping him tightly. In the end Fred is jerking off on the pretty boobs of Wilma and Betty.

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