Slave of the Balrog

In this short video parody you'll see sexy Lisa Hamilton (also known as La Mariposa) and hot Donovan from game Dead or Alive. Some time ago, Lisa was an outstanding scientist on the crossing of genes. But her whole life changed, after Donovan had made a contract with the demons. He no longer needs scientific workers and experiments. He had a whole army of monsters from hell. The end of the scientific life of Lisa has come. DONOVAN presented Lisa to one mad inhabitant of the underworld. To the general of demons - Balrog. He was very happy with this gift. Now every night he fucked Lisa. His huge dick is tearing her narrow ass. It was hard for her, but she liked everything.

Categories: 3d big dicks big tits brunettes cumshot on body doggy style facial from behind hardcore sex hd monsters parodies rape uncensored underworld

Author: StudioFOW | www | more videos by this author


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