Barret And Tifa's First Night Together

In this video you will see Tifa Lockhart and Barret Wallace, who are heroes of the game Final Fantasy. Barret and Tifa had been waiting for this moment for what felt like an eternity. After countless missions and battles fought side by side, they were finally alone in their hotel room, and the tension between them was palpable. Tifa, always the more assertive of the two, climbed on top of Barret and positioned herself above his massive cock. She paused for a moment, savoring the anticipation, before plunging down onto him with a satisfied sigh. Barret let out a groan of pleasure as Tifa began to ride him, her tight pussy gripping his cock like a vice. He reached up and grabbed her hips, pulling her down harder as he thrust up into her. After a few minutes of this intense fucking, Barret couldn't take it anymore. He sat up, wrapping his arms around Tifa's waist and lifting her off of him. He laid her down on the bed and began to kiss her neck, making his way down to her breasts. He sucked and bit at her nipples, causing Tifa to moan and arch her back in pleasure. Barret moved down between Tifa's legs and began to lick and suck at her clit. Tifa's moans grew louder as Barret's tongue worked its magic, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. He positioned himself behind Tifa, grabbing her hips and pulling her ass towards him. He entered her roughly, causing Tifa to cry out in pleasure. He began to thrust in and out of her, pounding her pussy with all his might. They changed positions several times over the next eight hours. They tried every position imaginable, and when they finally couldn't take it anymore, they collapsed onto the bed, exhausted and satisfied. This is a nice animation from Teehee3D.

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