Fenton's Folly

The girl had been working for the Felton company for several years, and as part of her job, she was often tasked with obtaining samples from various products and materials. However, this particular day was not like any other, as she found herself face-to-face with an otherworldly being. The green ghost appeared before her eyes. The girl was startled, but she quickly regained her composure and decided to take action. She grabbed a bazooka that was lying nearby, hoping that it would be enough to defeat the ghost. However, as she aimed and pulled the trigger, nothing happened. The gun was not loaded. Left with no other options, she threw the bazooka aside and braced herself for what was to come. The ghost approached her and grabbed her with its cold, ghostly hands. It then proceeded to force itself onto her, thrusting itself into her mouth with all its strength. The girl struggled and tried to push the ghost away, but it was too powerful. She could feel its icy touch spreading throughout her body as it continued its relentless assault. But the ghost was not satisfied with just that. He turned the girl around and forced her to bend over. She could feel its huge dick penetrating her from behind, filling her up completely. The girl cried out, begging the ghost to stop, but it was deaf to her pleas. It continued to fuck her with all its might, not stopping until it had reached its orgasm. As the ghost finally pulled away, the girl collapsed onto the ground, exhausted and defeated. She could feel the ghost's cum seeping out of her, leaving her feeling drained and weak. Despite her protests, the ghost had taken what it wanted.

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