Dungeon Meshi - Marcille

Marcille from Dungeon Meshi anime lay in her bed, the remnants of her dream still lingering in her mind. She couldn't shake the intense desire that had consumed her during the night. The memory of the mysterious girl who had visited her in her sleep haunted Marcille's thoughts. In her dream, the girl had been ethereal and alluring, with long flowing hair and eyes that seemed to pierce through Marcilles soul. As they embraced, Marcille felt a wave of desire wash over her like never before. The girl's touch was electric, sending shivers down Marcille's spine. The sensation of the girl's lips on Marcille's most intimate parts was both thrilling and intoxicating. As she moaned with pleasure, Marcille found herself reciprocating, eagerly tasting the sweetness between the girl's thighs. But then, something unexpected happened. The girl began to change before Marcille's eyes, growing a thick dick from where there should have been none. Despite the shock of this transformation, Marcille found herself unable to resist as the girl guided it into her mouth. The taste was foreign yet strangely enticing as Marcille succumbed to the forbidden pleasure. She could feel herself being pushed to new heights of ecstasy as she eagerly took in every inch until finally, with a shudder, it was over. But that wasn't the end of it. The girl took control once more, positioning Marcille on all fours as she thrust into her from behind with newfound vigor. As she reached orgasm in her dream world, Marcille woke up gasping for breath and covered in sweat. But something felt off as she ran a hand over her face and tasted an unfamiliar substance on her lips. Panic set in as she realized it wasn't just a dream about a mysterious girl—it was something far more sinister that had invaded her subconsciousness. A monster had taken advantage of her vulnerability while she slept, leaving behind traces of its violation.

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