Sheva Futa x ADA

In the dimly lit locker room, Sheva, a shemale of considerable physical powers, stood before Ada, a woman of unwavering dedication and loyalty. Sheva, with a mischievous glint in her eye, asked Ada to perform a task that would test her commitment to her. She requested that Ada polish her balls and cock with her tongue, a task that would require her to use her oral skills to their fullest extent. Ada, ever the dutiful companion, did not hesitate to fulfill Sheva's request. She knelt before Sheva, her eyes locked onto her, and began to diligently lick and polish her genitals with her tongue. The room was filled with the sound of her soft moans as she worked, her tongue moving deftly over Sheva’s sensitive areas. As Ada continued her task, Sheva's excitement grew, and she could no longer contain herself. Sheva grabbed Ada's head and forcefully shoved her huge cock into her mouth. Ada, caught off guard, could only moan in response as Sheva began to move her hips, thrusting her cock in and out of Ada’s mouth at a rapid pace. Despite her inability to move, Ada's moans grew louder, and her body began to tremble with pleasure. Sheva, sensing her arousal. She pulled Ada to her feet and, with a swift motion, laid her down on the cold, hard floor of the locker room. Without a moment's hesitation, Sheva positioned herself between Ada's legs and thrust her cock deep into Ada’s waiting pussy. AAda cried out in pleasure as Sheva began to move, her hips rocking back and forth as she penetrated Ada with increasing force. As Sheva continued to thrust, she could feel her climax building, and she knew that she was about to cum. With a final, powerful thrust, Sheva reached her peak, and her cum spilled forth, filling Ada's pussy to the brim. D3D presents this video.

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