Chica's Midnight Mischief Nude ver - EP 2

In this video you will see Chica from Five Nights at Freddy's. Chica had always been fascinated by the old, Freddy Fazber bear from the attic. It was a big mechanical toy that had long been forgotten and left to gather dust. But Chica saw something special in it. She spent weeks tinkering and fixing the bear, determined to bring it back to life. Finally, after a few adjustments and repairs, the bear's eyes opened. Chica's heart raced with excitement, eager to see what would happen next. As soon as she asked the bear how it was feeling, it surprised her by grabbing her by the neck and dragging her into the room. But instead of being scared, Chica was filled with a different kind of excitement. The bear laid her on the table and spread her legs, and Chica couldn't help but smile. This was what she had been hoping for all along. The bear filled her with pleasure, and she moaned with delight. But it didn't stop there. The bear turned her onto her side and continued to fuck her, each thrust making her gasp and moan. She couldn't contain her pleasure any longer. Chica had always been curious and adventurous, and this was a new experience she would never forget. As she lay there, panting and satisfied, she couldn't help but think that sometimes, the most unexpected things can bring the greatest joy. The first episode of the video can be viewed here.

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