Mai Shiranui & Oni

Mai Shiranui from the Fatal Fury game had always been an adventurous girl. She loved exploring the forest near her house, often getting lost in its beauty. But today, her adventure took a dark turn. As she was wandering through the forest, Mai suddenly felt a strong hand grab her from behind. Before she could even scream, she was dragged deeper into the forest. She struggled and fought against her captor, but he was too strong. Finally, they reached a clearing where Mai saw the most terrifying creature she had ever seen. It was a monster, with sharp claws and a menacing growl. His name was Oni, and he had been living in the forest for years, preying on unsuspecting victims. Mai was thrown onto a bench, her legs lifted by the monster. She screamed and begged for mercy, but Oni did not respond. Instead, he began to forcefully penetrate her, causing her immense pain. She cried out, unable to believe what was happening to her. But as the minutes passed, something strange happened. The pain began to subside, and Mai felt a strange sensation of pleasure. She couldn't believe it, but she was actually enjoying the monster's touch. She moaned and writhed, much to Oni's delight. As the monster reached his orgasm, Mai felt a warm liquid fill her. It was Oni's sperm, and it filled her entire hole. She couldn't believe what had just happened. She had been captured by a monster and had actually enjoyed it. As Oni released her and disappeared into the forest, Mai was left with a mix of emotions. She was scared, confused, and yet strangely satisfied. She knew she would never forget this experience, no matter how hard she tried. Support ZMSFM if you like this video.

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