Cell - EP07/EP08

In this multi-part cartoon the main characters are Cell and Android 21 from Dragon Ball Z. Alex invited Angela to the laboratory, saying he needed her help with an experiment. She agreed, thinking it was just another day at work. But as soon as they entered the laboratory, Alex's demeanor changed. He threw Angela on the floor and she started yelling at him, asking how dare he do this to her. She called him a worm and demanded to know what he was going to do with her. Alex's intentions were clear. He wanted to abuse her, but Angela was not going to let that happen. She fought back with all her might, but Alex was stronger. He easily grabbed her and turned her around, ready to fulfill his twisted desires. But just as he was about to have his way with her, something strange happened. Angela's body started to transform. She turned into a pink monster with white hair and attacked Alex with all her might. Alex was taken aback by this sudden transformation, but he was not going to let her get away. He grabbed her again and started fucking her in the ass with his huge cock until he finally came. But he wasn't done yet. He then started cunnilingus on her, but Angela was not going to let him have his way. She tried to get away and screamed at him, but he held her too tightly and did not listen to her words. In the end, Angela was lying on the floor, exhausted and defeated. Alex was going to kill her, just like he had done with all his previous victims. He swallowed her whole. We are waiting for the continuation.

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