2B at Bunker

In this short video you'll see 2B from Nier: Automata having sex with 9S. 9S had been living in the space bunker for months now, ever since the world had been ravaged by a deadly virus. He had been surviving on his own, but when he heard that 2B, his childhood friend, was also in the bunker, he couldn't resist the urge to see her. As he made his way to 2B's room, he couldn't help but feel nervous. They hadn't seen each other in years and he wasn't sure how she would react to his sudden appearance. But as soon as he saw her, all his worries disappeared. 2B's face lit up when she saw 9S standing in front of her. She wanted to do something nice for 9S, to show him how much she appreciated his presence. Without hesitation, she dropped to her knees and started giving him a blowjob. 9S was taken aback by her sudden courage, but he couldn't resist the pleasure she was giving him. He soon finished in her mouth, and 2B eagerly swallowed it all. But their desire for each other didn't end there. They continued their passionate sex. 9S couldn't believe how much he had missed her and how good it felt to be with her again. They made love until they both reached their orgasm, completely lost in each other's embrace. Afterwards, as they lay in each other's arms, they both knew that this was just the beginning of their reunion. They had survived the end of the world together, and now they had each other to lean on in this new world. 9S was grateful to have found 2B again, and he knew that they would face whatever challenges came their way, as long as they were together. This video was made by MujitaX.

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