Multiverse - Raven x Widowmaker

Raven and Widowmaker from the Overwatch game participate in this parody. The Widowmaker had a luxurious apartment, and a cool device that allowed her to choose a new girl every night. This device was her most prized possession, and she used it to fulfill his every desire. Tonight was no exception. Widowmaker scrolled through the list of girls on her device, trying to decide who she wanted to spend the night with. She had already tried most of the girls on the list, but there was one name that caught his eye - Raven. She had never chosen Raven before, and she was curious to see what Raven had to offer. Without hesitation, Widowmaker selected Raven's name and pressed the button. In an instant, she appeared in the Widowmaker's room with her legs spread. She was even more beautiful than the Widowmaker had imagined. Widowmaker wasted no time and immediately began to explore Raven's ass with her hands, squeezing and massaging it. Widowmaker could feel her shiver under her touch, and she knew Raven was enjoying it just as much as she was. Widowmaker couldn't resist the temptation. She wanted to enter Raven ass with her huge dick. Widowmaker positioned herself behind Raven and slowly pushed her dick into Raven’s ass. It was a tight fit, and Widowmaker had to go slow, but eventually, she was fully inside of Raven. Raven cried out in pleasure, and Widowmaker couldn't believe how amazing it felt. Widowmaker began to move in and out, picking up speed and intensity with each thrust. Raven's moans grew louder, and Widowmaker could feel herself getting closer and closer to the edge. In a matter of minutes, they both reached their orgasm.

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