The Drama Club Rehearsal

It was a typical day at the drama club, where the members were busy preparing for their upcoming performance. As the rehearsal began, the members were excited to see how their characters would come to life on stage. Among the members was a wolf, who was known for his impeccable acting skills. He had been chosen to play the lead role of the alpha in the play. Wolf was a perfectionist and always gave his best in every performance. He was determined to make this play a success. As the rehearsal progressed, Wolf's character had a scene where he had to jerk off in front of the other animals. At first, Wolf was hesitant and felt uncomfortable with the idea. But as an actor, he knew he had to do justice to his character. So, he took a deep breath and began to perform the scene. As Wolf was jerking off, he noticed that the tiger, played by his friend, was watching him intently. Tiger was known for his good looks and charm, and Wolf couldn't help but feel a little flattered by his attention. As Wolf continued to perform, he could see that Tiger was getting turned on by his actions. Feeling a little bold, Tiger decided to join in on the action. He walked up to Wolf and started to suck on his dick, causing Wolf to moan in pleasure. The other members of the drama club were taken aback by this unexpected turn of events, but they couldn't deny the chemistry between them. Tiger began to suck on Wolf's dick, and soon both of them were lost in the moment. The other members of the club watched in shock as the two animals engaged in a passionate act. But the surprises didn't end there. Suddenly, a deer, who was playing a minor role in the play, joined in on the action. He started to lick the cum off Tiger's legs, causing him to shiver in pleasure. The three animals were now lost in a world of pleasure, forgetting all about the rehearsal. This video was made by Bikomation.

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