Schoolgirl Fucked By Her Gym Teacher In The Shower

Priapus is presenting a fantastic video. It was a typical Monday morning at Lincoln High School. The halls were bustling with students rushing to their first period classes. Among the sea of students was 18-year-old Lily, a shy and reserved schoolgirl. She was always diligent in her studies and never caused any trouble. However, little did she know that this day would change her life forever. As Lily made her way to the gym for her physical education class, she couldn't help but feel nervous. She had always dreaded gym class, not because she was unfit, but because of her gym teacher, Mr. Thompson. He had a reputation for being strict and intimidating, especially towards the female students. After the class, Lily headed to the showers. As she was showering, she heard the door open and saw Mr. Thompson enter. She froze in fear as he approached her, his eyes filled with lust. Before she could even react, Mr. Thompson grabbed her and pushed her to his dick. She felt helpless as he fucked all her holes, taking advantage of her vulnerable state. Mr. Thompson finished and said that she will receive the highest possible grade. She lay there, trembling and in shock and pleasure. She couldn't believe what had just happened.

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