Erina Nakiri

Erina Nakiri, the strict and perfectionist teacher, was beaming with pride as she looked at the results of her students' final exam. Every single one of them had passed with flying colors, and some even scored higher than she had expected. She couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, knowing that she had played a part in shaping these young guys. Also she remembered a promise she had made them, reward her students with something special if they achieved outstanding results. And now, with these guys' grades, it was the perfect opportunity to fulfill that promise. With a sly smile, Erina announced to the class that she had a surprise for them. The guys couldn't contain their excitement, wondering what their reward could possibly be. She locked the door and the guys' eyes widened in surprise as Erina slowly unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her lacy bra. She then proceeded to take off her skirt, leaving her in just her lingerie. The guys couldn't believe their luck as they watched their beautiful teacher undress in front of them. Without hesitation, they all undressed as well, their excitement and arousal growing with each passing moment. Erina took one of the guys' dicks in her mouth, while another one fucked her between her breasts. After guys turns pleasuring her in different positions, until finally, they all came, filling her with their hot cum. As they lay there, spent and satisfied, Erina couldn't help but feel a sense of liberation and pleasure. She had always been a perfectionist, always in control, but in that moment, she let go and indulged in her desires. And as for the guys, they couldn't stop thanking their teacher for the best reward they could have ever imagined. Support LaceyXitzal if you like this video.

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