The Queen's Secret - Anna Frozen 2

Anna Frozen was on a mission. She had heard about a mysterious guy who was trapped in the castle and she was determined to rescue him. She had always been a curious and adventurous princess, and this was just another challenge for her. As she made her way through the castle, she encountered many obstacles. The guards were on high alert, and she had to use all her skills to avoid being caught. She could see him through the ice, and he looked terrified. Anna knew she had to act fast before the guards caught up to her. Using her powers, Anna tried to break the ice surrounding the guy. It took a few tries, but finally, the ice cracked and the guy was free. He stumbled out, looking disoriented and scared. Anna tried to reassure him that she was there to help and that there was no need to be afraid of her. She explained that she was on a mission to rescue him and that they needed to escape the castle before the guards found them. Together, they made their way through the castle, trying to remain unnoticed by the guards. It was a nerve-wracking experience, but they managed to escape and find a sheltered place to hide. As they caught their breath, Anna couldn't contain her excitement. She had successfully rescued the guy and they were now safe. Without hesitation, she dropped to her knees and started sucking his dick. The guy moaned in pleasure, and Anna couldn't get enough. Feeling bold, Anna climbed on top of the guy and rode him like there was no tomorrow. They were both lost in the moment, and nothing else mattered. They moved to a table and continued their passionate encounter. But just as they were in orgasm, Anna's sister Elsa burst into the room. She was shocked and disappointed to see her sister engaging in such behavior. She scolded Anna for her actions, but Anna didn't care. She was too caught up in the moment and the pleasure she was feeling.

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