Miranda in Charge

Miranda from Mass Effect game was a brilliant scientist who had dedicated her life to conducting experiments on human subjects. She was fascinated by the idea of enhancing human abilities and making them stronger, faster, and smarter. Her latest subject was Shepard, who had volunteered to be a part of her experiments. Shepard had no idea what she was getting herself into when she signed up for Miranda's experiments. As the Shepard woke up from her slumber, she noticed that something was different. She felt a strange sensation in her body, and when she looked down, she was shocked to see that her dick was already erect, despite just waking up. She was confused and a little scared, but she couldn't deny that she felt stronger and more energized than ever before. Miranda approached with a smile on her face, pleased to see that her injections had started working on Shepard. She couldn't resist touching Shepard's enlarged cock, which only made her more excited. Shepard turned to the wall and started fucking Miranda with all her might, unable to control her newfound strength and desire, her cock still standing tall and strong. She came inside Miranda with such force that it left her breathless, but she didn't stop there. She continued to fuck her, her cock never losing its erection. The night was filled with intense pleasure and multiple rounds of mind-blowing sex. Shepard's dick had grown even bigger overnight, and she was now a force to be reckoned with. Miranda couldn't believe the success of her experiments and was filled with excitement for what the future held.

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