Bladur Gate

In this short but incredibly sexy and hot video, you will see Karlach and the Elf girl from the Baldur Gate game. Everything happens in a cozy house. The Elf girl moans softly as Karlach enters her from behind. She can feel her strong hands on her hips, guiding her movements as she thrusts into her. Karlach's pace is slow and gentle, making her feel every inch of dick inside her. As Kailash leans her over the table, the Elf girl braces herself on her hands, feeling her deep penetration from behind. She can sense Karlach arousal building as she moves faster, her breath hot on her neck. With one final thrust, Karlach releases inside her, Karlach hot seed filling her up with cum. The Elf girl gasps and trembles as she feels the intensity of Karlach orgasm. Karlach pulls out dick and gently caresses her body and kisses her soft skin. They bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Karliah's hands roam over her body, tracing every curve and dip. The Elf girl looks up at her with a content smile, feeling completely satisfied and loved. The Elf girl closes her eyes, feeling safe and cherished in her arms. This video was made by Alessio.

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