It's alive

The monster woke up, his eyes blinking rapidly as he tried to adjust to the bright lights in the laboratory. He saw two beautiful girls standing in front of him, their bodies glistening with sweat and their hair tousled from their activities. One of the girls had her hand wrapped around his huge cock, her fingers moving up and down in a slow, sensual rhythm. The other girl was watching with a curious expression on her face, her eyes flickering between the monster and the girl pleasuring him. The monster couldn't believe what was happening. He had always been feared and shunned by humans, but here he was, being pleasured by two sexy girls. He couldn't help but feel a surge of arousal at the thought. As if sensing his thoughts, the first girl removed her hand from his cock and switched places with the second girl. The second girl wasted no time in taking over, her fingers expertly stroking his dick. Meanwhile, the first girl began to seduce him with her big, round ass, swaying it in front of him and teasing him with her movements. The monster couldn't resist any longer and he reached out to grab her, pulling her onto his lap. She let out a moan of pleasure as he entered her, his huge cock filling her up completely. She began to ride him, her hips moving in a steady rhythm as she bounced up and down on his lap. The second girl, who had been watching with fascination, suddenly pulled out a notebook and began to write down some results. It was then that the monster realized that he was part of some kind of experiment. But he couldn't bring himself to care as he was lost in the pleasure of the moment. The girls were now moving on to new positions, their bodies entwined. The girls were getting tired, their movements becoming slower and more languid. But they knew they had to continue the experiment, and so they pushed through their exhaustion, determined to see it through to the end. As they continued to have sex in the laboratory, the sensors around them began to explode, causing a loud commotion. The intense sexual energy between the monster and the girls had caused the sensors to overload and explode. The girls were amazed and intrigued by their findings, and the monster was hailed as a scientific breakthrough. But for the monster, all that mattered was the incredible experience he had just had with the two girls. Krilinresort presents another nice video.

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