Audreys Shower

Audreys stood outside the bathroom door, tapping her hand impatiently. She had to leave for work in fifteen minutes and Koji, her roommate, was taking his sweet time in the shower. She had already knocked a few times, but he seemed to be lost in his own world, singing at the top of his lungs. 'Koji, come on! I need to use the bathroom and I'm going to be late for work because of you!' she yelled, hoping he would hear her over his singing. But there was no response. Frustrated, Audreys decided to take matters into her own hands. She knew Koji wouldn't mind if she barged in, they were close friends and had seen each other naked plenty of times. Without hesitation, she opened the bathroom door and was met with the sight of Koji standing in the shower, completely naked and still singing. But what caught her attention was the fact that he was jerking off. He tried to cover himself with his hands, but it was too late. Audreys had already seen everything. Audreys stepped into the shower, ignoring Koji's presence. She couldn't help but notice how well-built he was and her mind started to wander. As she washed her hair, she could feel Koji's eyes on her. She turned around to face him and saw that he was staring at her breasts. She couldn't deny the sudden surge of arousal that coursed through her body. This is going to be the best blowjob of your life,' she promised, before taking him deeper into her mouth. Audreys dropped to her knees and started to make a blowjob. Audreys's words were not just a promise, she was skilled and knew exactly how to please him. Koji entered her from behind and they moved together in perfect rhythm. Audreys couldn't believe how good it felt, and she had completely forgotten about being in a hurry. As they both reached their orgasm, Koji pulled out and cum on her chest. But Audreys wasn't done yet. She got down on her knees again and took his dick in her mouth, making sure to clean him off completely. They quickly finished showering and got dressed, both of them feeling satisfied and a little guilty for being late to work. This video was made by Hagen Toons.

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