Chun-Li - Halloween

You will see the beautiful Chun-Li from the Street Fighter game. She missed the cocks a lot for a long time. She's been thinking about it for the last few weeks. She is already tired of masturbating every night or playing with a toy alone. She wanted to smell a real man and taste his big cock. It would definitely give her pleasure and make her happy. She is a teacher at the university and was popular with her students. Every student wanted to sleep with her. But she really liked one huge guy, and she was constantly thinking about him. She got his phone number and texted him that she wanted to fuck him. The guy didn’t mind and agreed to come to any place she said. She invited him to her house. He came and quickly undressed. They wanted to quench their sexual thirst as soon as possible. She started touching his heavy cock and balls and moaning loudly. It looks like she's already ready to cum from this. She can no longer wait for him to penetrate her pussy. The guy enters her, pushes her body against the wall and starts fucking. Then he starts to fuck her on the couch. She asks not to stop. He cums inside her and she asks him to leave his dick in her pussy. At the very end, she tells the guy that he is the best student at the university. I think that the guy definitely has a test this semester and he can not take exams. Lucky ones.

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