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All royals have one problem: they can't pay attention to themselves, but only care about the problems of the state. In our case, the Queen is no exception, she also works extremely hard and she never has a vacation. But finally the time has come when the Queen can be alone for a while with her Doberman. It's already late evening and all the work for today is over and all the assistants have gone to their rooms. The Doberman's cock immediately became erect, he realized that the time had come and not a minute could be lost. The dog fuck her from behind and the Queen began to moan constantly. The Queen asks to inseminate her and the dog obediently fulfills her requirements. After she takes his cock between her tits, and also does a blowjob at the same time. Yes, his dick is huge, exactly the kind every depraved Queen needs. The dog soon cums and the Queen swallowed all his sperm. The Queen screams that she is dog bitch and they immediately continued fucking. Only in the morning the couple was able to enjoy each other and finished fucking. The morning has just begun, and they are already dreaming of when evening comes and they will have passionate sex again.

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