Serana - Shadowmere

Shadowmere has been acting like he's not himself lately. He was freezing out there. The next day, Serana grew more concerned for poor Shadowmere. While the Dragonborn slept, she carefully got out of bed and went to check on him. Shadowmere isn't just an ordinary horse. Originally given as a gift from the Dark Brotherhood. He is much faster, and stronger than regular horses. When Serana came to him, he was really cold. But that's not the only thing she saw, he also got his cock excited. Serana wants Shadowmere to warm up and calls him to shelter. Serana led Shadowmere inside, carefully leading him to the Living Room. Shadowmere was in disbelief, he was in his Master's home for the first time. Serana closed the doors and began caressing the horse. And then she began to fuck with him in different poses until they enjoy each other's bodies together. At the beginning, the horse's cock seemed very big to her, but over time she got used to the size. One very interesting note Serana didn't realize, her Master had been watching for a while now. Her moans echoed throughout the Castle. The Dragonborn doesn't want to admit it. But he loves watching Serana take Horse cock.

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