A Lost Hope

This is a parody of the "Star Wars" movie by OC Boon. You will see sexy Leila and ugly The Hutt. Leila and the gang head to Tatooine to rescue her main squeeze Hangs from the slimy grips of The Hutt. After being caught, Leila attempts to bargain for Hans' freedom, to which Hans replies "I'm a simple creature, gimme some ass and Hans gets a pass". Without hesitation Leia responds with a chuckle "I've done stranger things for less". After all, she hasn't had a good dicking since grief fucking Lando shortly after Hans was frozen in carbonate. Wait, that was like yesterday. The Hutt chained Leila up like a dog. A long dick got out of The Hutt tail and he fucks her pussy with it. He hangs her up to make it more convenient for him and ties her hands. He penetrates her body with his tentacles very deeply, he almost completely pierces her with his dick. Then he enters her mouth and enters deeper. For the sake of Hans, she is ready to do anything and therefore suffers such humiliation. She gets angry and shows a Fuck finger, but the Hutt is only laugh from this. Leila's not leaving here until she does her duty. Finally, the Hutt cums and Leila has the opportunity to free her beloved Hans.

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