The Journey to Apocrypha

Serana and the Dragonborn have just arrived in Solstheim. They decide to ask around for directions first, then head out on foot. But they have a long road ahead of them. The next day, Serana and the Dragonborn headed for Skaal Village. Hopefully there they can get more information on Apocrypha. After many hours on the move, they have finally found their key to Apocrypha. Although they are prepared, endless waiting can still make one uneasy. They know it's just a matter of time. They finally found Mora to ask for his help, but he was of no use. Fed up by Mora, Serana decided to head back. But it so happened that the exit was gone and they were locked up. Serana was captured and strange things began to happen to her. Parasites have appeared in her and over time parasites will become part of her. She enjoys their presence as they fill her womb and organs. Serena is almost ready for Infestation. She is feeling extreme pleasure and pain. Her body is filled with parasites. Serana is demoralized and begins to accept her fate. This is the end of the story, but the author promised to make a sequel. I hope that soon we will find out what awaits Serana and her friends next. I wonder if they'll get out of there alive.

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