Queen wish

Even queens have strange desires. For example, this one likes sex with dogs. She has a lot of dogs, and spends every night in a new company. But she has one special dog, which she calls the King. She wanted to spend the night with him. The dog lay down on the sofa, and she began to lick his balls to excite his dick. When he got hard, the Queen started sucking. Step by step, she took his cock deeper and deeper. The King was lying and enjoying himself, he hardly moved. Afterwards, he put his dick in her juicy pussy and started fucking her. The King grabbed her hair with his teeth to make it easier for him to fuck her, or maybe it's just a dog's instinct. Only a dog's dick can give the Queen an orgasm, and the King tries to do everything in his power. He penetrates her mouth again and soon cums in her. The King has a lot of strength, he constantly changes poses and constantly cums in the Queen. She's covered in his cum. Also in this video you can see how they kiss. The dog has a huge tongue, and it gets into her tender mouth. When the dog got laid, the couple went to rest on the sofa. And the queen looks at him with loving eyes.

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