Irresistible Desire - Episode 01

No preludes, straight to the point. The video will start immediately with a blowjob. The couple is relaxing on a yacht at sea. The guy likes what the MILF woman is doing, he asks her to not stop. The woman is older than the guy and she loves the cock of young, but adult guys. Especially when the dick is so big that it barely fits down her throat. It turns out that the husband of this MILF woman is sitting on the shore and sleeping, not even suspecting that his wife is cheating on him. The woman stops making blowjob when the guy is ready to cum and asks to fuck her hot pussy. She wants to feel every inch of his cock in her pussy. The guy will gladly fulfill her wishes. He fucks her wet pussy and she's almost ready to cum. The guy started fucking her even faster. The guy loves her big tits and constantly touches them. But most of all he loves her tight cunt. The woman asks not to stop and continue to fuck her as long as possible. She moans loudly with pleasure, but her husband does not hear anything. The guy is ready to cum as her pussy is very tight. The woman wants him to cover all of her body with sperm. The woman is so happy because no one fucked her with such passion as this guy. The guy thinks that this woman is like wine and only gets prettier over the years, so he can't get enough of her and wants to fuck her again. She offers to fuck her ass too. But we will see this in the next episode.

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