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The girl patient, together with her husband, came to the hospital. She went into the doctor's office and told her about the symptoms. She has severe headaches, and it seems this is something serious. She wants to find out what the problem is and cure the headache. The doctor calmed her down, it seems that she has no reason to worry. She just needs to rest more often, and then the headaches will pass. The doctor offers to do another test to make sure everything is fine and let her go home. This test is a novelty in the field of medicine and incredible healing awaits the patient. The doctor warned that the procedure is strange, but the girl does not care, and she is ready to start right now. The doctor washes her hands and gets to work. She asks the patient to open her mouth wider and puts her cock in the girl. Yes, you got it right, she will cure her headache with a blowjob. At this time, her husband begins to get nervous, as he does not understand why she does not leave the office for so long. But the girls are only at the beginning of testing, and he will have to wait for some time. The doctor cums in the patient's mouth, and they finish the procedure. The patient is about to leave, but the doctor is trying to persuade her to take other tests. They have not yet tested vaginal and anal procedures, which should also help her in the future. As a result, the patient agrees and they continue testing. The patient's husband can't take it anymore and tries to find out where she is, but he is not allowed into the office. The nurse decides to find out if everything is okay, and at the most piquant moment comes into the office. The nurse turned out to be familiar with the patient, they used to be a couple, but broke up. The doctor and the nurse decided to speed up the testing process and started fucking the patient together. They cum in her and close their procedure. Now everything will be fine with the patient for sure, and she will be able to come to the doctor for a new portion of health.

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