Aela - Impregnated

Find out all about the adventures of the huntress Aela from Skyrim. Aela talks to her boyfriend and warns him that she will go on night duty, but doesn't say where exactly. With these words, Aela headed for the forest. Her boyfriend thinks she's going out for her job. But she actually goes out to scavenge, hunt, and explore. This time she's found old ruins. Who knows what could be inside. Aela finds a murdered guy there and wants to find out who did it. She found some old chest and decided to open it. She failed to realize that she was being followed. Aela fainted. She was not expecting to see him here. He has been on her trail for a very long time. His friends are also on the way. Aela's precious pussy will soon be stretched from all angles. Guys start fucking her all together. Aela does not understand how this could happen to her. But she diligently fulfills all their requests and pleases each guy's cock. First, she sucks their dicks, and then they move on to more interesting scenes. Every guy penetrates her as deeply as he can. They stretched her pussy so much that she could climb on any dick. While the guys are waiting for their turn, they jerk off. At first, she tried to resist the guys, but soon realized that she liked to fuck with them and began to enjoy sex. She loved every second she spent with guys. Her boyfriend has never fucked her like these guys. Meanwhile her boyfriend is worried and he misses her touch. She pleasured him last night. But now Aela is with other guys, and she is almost ready to cum. She squirts and is grateful to the guys for such a night. Humiliated and impregnated, Aela returned home. Her boyfriend knew something was up, but he didn't say anything. It's a secret that she has to keep. And something she will never forget. Support Erotica3D if you like this video.

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