Aerith - Selling Her Flowers

In this video you will see Aerith Gainsborough from the Final Fantasy game. She stands at someone's house on the outskirts of the city and sells flowers. She looks very lonely, no one comes up to her and is not interested in flowers. Aerith really needs money, she wants to help the children's hospital and collect as many donations from people as possible. Suddenly, some guys and one girl approach her, and she immediately tries to talk to them. She wonders if the guys are interested in buying such beautiful flowers and helping the hospital a little. Of course, the guys did not come for flowers, but for her sweet pussy. The guys realized that for each flower they will be rewarded, and this is exactly what they need right now. All of them are horny and need Aerith's pussy and passionate sex. The guys took her around the corner so that no one would notice what they were doing. It all started with cunnilingus for a girl. After the guy joined them, he started fucking Aerith, and the guy's girlfriend at that moment looked at them and masturbated. After that Aerith licked the guy's ass and jerked off his dick. Another guy joined them, and they already started fucking Aerith together. When they all had enough, Aerith thanked the guys and went home. It looks like she's raised the right amount of money. By the way, all this group sex was filmed on camera and now everyone in the city will find out how Aerith was able to earn so much money. Support Cawneil if you like this video.

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