Luell & Serana - Part 3

The story starts somewhere in the wilderness. Not all species of Skyrim enjoy spending their time on the surface. Caves can be dangerous even for the most experienced adventurers. Most are smart enough to avoid venturing deep underground. They know it's just not worth the risk, however the idea of finding lost treasure and gold is tempting. Some just can't resist it. Every adventurer's biggest fear is getting trapped deep underground, never seeing the sunlight again. Rieklings are one of the more common creatures lurking in caves, they like to lure curious women into their colony. Only to take advantage of them and use them to grow their population. They slowly beat them into submission until they become willing breeding stock. Surprisingly, these creatures capture many women on a weekly basis, but they quickly get rid of most of them. They keep only the most fertile and beautiful females for themselves. Luell and Serana were captured months ago. After spending so much time isolated from the outside world, it's becoming harder to keep track of time. The girls are only allowed to rest a few hours each day, they spend the whole day serving the tiny creatures. The Rieklings had a companion on their side to help look after the girls if they weren't around. His job was to make sure the girls won't escape during the time they rest. Normally he wasn't allowed to have sex with any of the women, but Luell's fertile pussy made him curious. 

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