Mercy - Medical Consultation

In this video you will see Mercy. She is one of the heroes from the Overwatch game. Many people love stories about doctors, and now, finally, there is an opportunity to watch. The guy came to see Dr. Mercy. She is an experienced doctor and likes to check men's penises. She asked the guy to take off his pants so she could get a better look at him. Mercy leaned closer to carefully examine everything. When the guy took off his pants, his big penis stood up. Mercy did not expect it, but the size of the cock impressed her. She realized that this was exactly the dick she dreamed of, so she salivated. The guy's dick is so perfect. She opened her mouth and licked the head of his cock. She apologized for this, but continued on and moved on to ball sucking. Not every day she sees such delicious dicks. She couldn't resist such beauty. She wants this guy. She licked all his balls and couldn't stop. Then she started jerking him off. This is the best dick in her life. She asks the guy not to be embarrassed and shove his cock in her mouth. The guy entered deep and started to move quickly. Mercy is very excited, she doesn't want the guy to stop. The guy moved faster and faster, and cum in her mouth, and then on her face. Mercy swallowed all his sperm. Suddenly someone knocked on the door, but the couple did not hear, they continued to have sex. After waiting a little, the secretary came in without knocking to warn that the next customer had already arrived. But she saw Mercy's face, which was all in sperm and also a guy's dick. Mercy is not very happy, but she does not have the strength to be angry. And the next client is already waiting to be accepted. I hope the secretary will not lose her job, but now she will constantly knock before going to Mercy's office. The main thing is that Mercy liked sex and enjoyed dick size. She has many more customer checks in line.

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