Piper & The Stallion Part 2

After reading the rest of the book, Piper learned that there is a way to drastically speed up the foal delivery. The book mentioned some kind of potion. All of the ingredients mentioned by the book look familiar to Piper. They shouldn't be too hard to come by. She might have some of them at home. She began by searching the house. Despite all her efforts, she wasn't able to find all the ingredients at home, only a few of them. Luckily for her, the weather has improved a lot the past few days. Piper was hoping she could find most of the components in the nearby forest. She went into the forest and found everything she was looking for. When she came home she started working on the potion immediately. Slowly but eventually all the ingredients were mixed together. She drinks the potion and loses consciousness. Piper was laying on the floor in an unresponsive state. She hadn't realized such a potion would come with strong side effects. During this time the stallion was taking good advantage of her. Piper was still half unconscious. Occasionally she made a silent moan. As the stallion used her, the foal was quickly developing inside her womb. It took Piper almost a day to regain her consciousness. The foal inside her womb has been growing rapidly. Even causing her mark to change to a dark red color, indicating the foal was now fully developed. As the foal was leaving her womb, the mark on her belly started to fade. The foaling was a slow and painful process for Piper. The foaling was successful, the newborn foal was already standing on its feet. Piper spent the rest of the day cleaning the foal and herself from all the blood. The following day she let both horses go outside. Piper never took her eyes off the foal, she didn't want anything bad to happen to it. She just couldn't stop thinking about how amazing it felt to be impregnated by the stallion earlier. Thanks to the priestess, Piper was able to give birth to a foal. Her mother has arrived. She is so happy to see daughter again. Her mother was rather confused, Piper later gave her a detailed explanation of what exactly happened and how they got a new foal. At first she was skeptical, so she asked Piper if she could do it again. The mother read the book and started preparing the ingredients for her daughter. As her mother was preparing the potion, Piper prepared the stallion for another breeding session. The potion is almost ready. Piper was obsessed with the stallion's cock. After drinking the potion, Piper passed out just like the first time. The mother watched as the stallion's huge cock was going in and out of her little daughter. She couldn't believe her eyes just how her daughter enjoyed the breeding. A few days later a second foaling happened. The mother didn't want to stop here, she saw the potential in her daughter. The family now had two foals. The mother let the stallion breed her daughter for as long as he wanted. One month later, their stable was full of foals. The family also had a new mare. The mother was working on getting their business back to how it was months ago. Meanwhile Piper had a different job. Even after getting a new mare, the stallion refused to let go of Piper. She was happy to stay with the stallion's favorite mare. The dominant stud especially like Piper's submissive nature, the two became inseparable. After getting pregnant so many times, her body no longer required any kind of potion for foaling.

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