2B & Tyra - Sex in the Swimming Pool

This time you will see a short video about 2B and Tyra. 2B from the game "NieR: Automata game" and Tyra from the game "Paladin" are being filmed. As before, all videos of this kind from the author of Azure Limina begin with hot caresses by the pool. The girls decided to have fun and relax a little from everyday work. 2B diligently licks Tyra's cock and looks at her with lust. The couple can't bring themselves to stop. 2B touches her breasts and at the same time takes her dick completely in her mouth, this excites Tyra very much. After such pleasant caresses, the couple proceeds to fuck. Tyra fucks her narrow slit with her dick, it looks like 2B is very happy in this position. She enters deep into 2B pussy with her whole dick. The girls will move into the pool water and continue sex underwater. I wonder how they have enough air, they have been underwater for so long. Probably, it's all passion, otherwise it's impossible. They get out of the pool wet to continue the hot sex they started. Wet girls are very sexy, it turns many people on. Tyra starts fucking 2B her tight pussy again. For dessert, you will see the most interesting. Tyra will stick her dick between her legs and while 2B will clamp her dick, Tyra will cum on her sexy body. Tyra has enough sperm, it's worth seeing. It seems that the video ends too early, they definitely haven't finished yet.

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