Bovine Adventures EP13 - Shopping

Bovine and her lover came to the mall. Let me remind you that she is cheating on her boyfriend Kevin with his Boss. According to Brian, they came to have fun. It's a very expensive place, and Bovine can't afford anything here, and she still doesn't have any work. Brian wants to thank her for her help - for having sex with him. They went into a clothing store and are going to buy her some sexy clothes there. They went into a private fitting room and she started trying on all the sexy clothes. He wants to buy her everything he likes. After several costumes, Brian can't stand it and penetrates her pussy with his tongue. Then he enters her pussy with his fingers, Bovine is a little uneasy, she is afraid that someone may enter at any moment. But Brian doesn't care, he penetrates her with his cock. Bovine asks him to stop, but it turns him on even more, and he continues to fuck her in sweet pussy. Brian especially likes to fuck her when she's in school clothes. They were in the fitting room for quite a long time, and the saleswoman wanted to ask if everything was okay with the couple and if they needed her help. The couple pretends that nothing is happening and continues to have sex. As a result, at Bovine's request, Brian stop fucking her and she continue to try on clothes further. When Bovine tried on the nurse's white coat, Brian immediately took out a dick, and they started fucking again. They decided to play a role-playing game. Bovine was pleasuring his cock and with a huge variety of sexual poses, they finally cums together. At the end of the story, Brian bought all the clothes that Bovine was measuring. It turned out to be an impressive check for $42,069. But, what can you not do for the girl you love, especially when you have so much money. The saleswoman was definitely jealous of Bovine.

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